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Profile Sensors

Precision optical instruments to detect punctual imperfections in all kinds of wires, cables and filaments.


Designed to satisfy today’s demanding quality control standards.

Our technology is based on light intensity shadow measurements and employs LED sources instead of lasers. Since it requires no moving parts, it is more reliable and benefits from a longer lifespan.


Compared to conventional fault detectors, our sensors allow the detection and characterization of smaller defects of wires and filaments running at higher speeds and with superior precision.

We take advantage of Swiss tradition in fine mechanics and microtechnology and the use of advanced miniaturized optoelectronics components available from modern optical telecommunications systems.


Non-contact detection in 1 or 2 planes


For round and rectangular targets


Target sizes up to 5 mm


Line speeds up to 2500 m/min


Micrometric resolution of defects


Reliable operation in rough conditions


Unaffected by intense stray light


Integrated precision roller guides


Type: dual-axis

Range: 0.1 mm to 5 mm

Target: round, rectangular


Profile Sensors PXL are mostly used in production machines of magnet wires, bare wires, fine cables and extrusion lines of mono- and multifilament.

The Profile Sensor PXL is used in:


Type: dual-axis
Range: 0.01 mm to 0.4 mm
Target: round

Profile Sensors PSD are mostly used in laboratory winding stations and production machines of fine wires and precision synthetic monofilaments.

The Profile Sensor PSD is used in:


Type: single-axis

Range: 0.05 mm to 0.4 mm

Target: round

Profile Sensor PSM are mostly used in multiline production machines of synthetic monofilaments. They are specially miniaturized to fit installations with line-to-line separation distances down to 6 mm.

The Profile Sensor PSM is used in:


Type: single-axis

Range: 0.1 mm to 5 mm

Target: round, rectangular

Profile Sensor PXS are mostly used in production machines of flat magnet wires and extrusion machines of multifilament.

The Profile Sensor PXS is used in: